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Air Conditioner outdoor unit A/CThe installation of an air-conditioning system is a critical factor in its eventual performance and success as a cooling system. Any system which is not properly sized for the load it will carry in a residence or workplace building, will not be able to perform up to the manufacturer’s specifications and will lose efficiency during operation.
An under-sized A/C unit will run too much and will generate excessive energy usage, whereas an over-sized unit will be constantly turning on and off, and it will lose efficiency by not running smoothly. When we install an air conditioning system for you, we will consider all the factors which affect the load to be managed by the system and make sure that the installed unit is appropriate for that load.
Then too, if the air conditioning installation itself is not done properly at the outset, it is very likely that it will not perform up to specifications, and it may even develop serious operational problems well before its normal expiration date. To avoid all of these installation pitfalls with an air-conditioning system, it’s very much to your advantage to have the work done by a highly reputable and professional air conditioning contractor in the region, Westcoast Heating & Air & Construction LLC.

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The best way to keep your air conditioning unit in top-notch condition is to ensure that it is regularly maintained and serviced, especially prior to the warm season when it will be used the most. Regular maintenance will identify potential problems before they have a chance to affect performance, or possibly to cause a breakdown within the air-conditioning unit.
Costly repairs can be avoided by having a skilled HVAC specialist from Westcoast Heating & Air provide regular service for your air-conditioning system to make sure parts aren’t wearing out, and that proper attention is paid to those components requiring service. When repairs are necessary for your air-conditioning system, we can have a mobile unit dispatched to your location very quickly, so that you aren’t forced to endure hot summer days without cooling.
Within minutes, our highly trained specialists will be able to identify what kind of problem has occurred and will discuss options with you for carrying out repairs. Since our mobile units are well-stocked with replacement parts for cooling system repairs, most problems can be corrected within a very short time frame. If it turns out that your best option is to have a new unit installed, that will be recommended by our specialists, but the final decision, of course, will always be up to you.

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At Westcoast Heating & Air, we strive to provide the best possible products, along with the very best customer service, to all our loyal customers in the region around Bellingham, WA, Ferndale, Custer, Lynden, Alger, Anacortes, Mt Vernon, Burlington, Sedro-Woolley, Marysville, Everett, Snohomish We may be a relatively new air conditioning contractor in the area, but we’d like to show you how we are determined to go the extra mile to be the best at what we do. Contact us today for all your air conditioning needs, or to inquire about our products and services.

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