Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Ecobee smart thermostat for heating and cooling unitsThe SmartSensor feature built into this ultra-modern thermostat learns your household heating and cooling schedule. It adapts to it to deliver the maximum comfort to those rooms most frequently used by family members. SmartSensor has voice control to make management even more comfortable and more convenient for a homeowner. Alexa is a voice control system familiar to most people in this country, so you won’t have to learn anything new to establish greater control over interior heating and cooling.
You can place Smart Sensor in any room where you or family members are, and it will automatically detect your presence and manage heating and cooling accordingly. Because of the more efficient usage of energy with controlled heating, your home can realize as much as 23% savings on utility bills, and that will immediately help pay for the cost of the thermostat itself. It is ENERGY STAR certified, which means it complies with best practices for energy savings and wastes no energy in its tasks’ performance.
One of the most convenient features of this smart thermostat is that you can use your iOS or Android smartphone to control the unit from wherever you happen to be. So, for instance, while you’re returning from a vacation, you can use your phone to have the home heated before you and your family arrive in town. The Smart Home & Away feature recognizes when no one is home and automatically adjust temperature settings to save energy.

Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat for heating and coolingIn less than 30 minutes, this complex smart thermostat can be installed by you or any of your adult family members because it has been intentionally designed for installation ease. Right off the bat, you’ll be impressed by what this thermostat can do for you, and once it learns the heating and cooling patterns favored by your household occupants, it will begin saving you money by using less energy. It has a feature called SavingsFinder, which specifically learns heating and cooling patterns, then suggests ways to save additional money by using alternative heating and cooling habits.
Using the Google Home app, you’ll be able to manage household temperature from wherever you happen to be at the time, as opposed to being required to handle it right from your home. The Nest thermostat continuously monitors your HVAC system’s performance, and if there are any unusual situations, it will automatically send you an email. For instance, if it starts taking longer than usual to warm up your house, the Nest thermostat will identify that situation and alert you so you can take some action.
Whatever kind of heating and cooling arrangements you’d like to make, they can be easily programmed into the thermostat using QuickSchedule, and then you can make any individual adjustments you need afterward. It would be hard to beat the Nest thermostat for its efficiency in terms of comfort and energy savings.

Honeywell Home WiFi Smart Thermostat

Honeywell ThermostatThis attractive unit will blend right into your existing home decor since it comes in various colors and can be matched with virtually any background. It can be connected to your home WiFi system, so that your smart device can be integrated with the Total Connect Comfort app, and that will allow you to manage heating and cooling from literally any location.
The Total Connect Comfort app can also be used to trigger email notifications to you whenever any issues are detected which are related to safety, energy usage, or comfort levels. You can program in up to seven days of heating and cooling patterns so that the interior temperature can be matched to the various lifestyles of family members. Every day when you return home from work, you’ll find a comfortably heated home awaiting you, and you’ll know that while you were away, you were saving money because of the adjusted temperature.
It is compatible with Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so that you’ll have voice control management over your system, which allows for the most convenient method of maintaining control. You’ll love the fact that this thermostat is so customizable, that it’s connected to the cloud, and that it’s ENERGY STAR certified because that will let you know it achieves maximum efficiency while managing your home heating and cooling, and that you can be saving money by using it.

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